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Other Pieces of Artwork October 31, 2008

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Although much of what I do involves weddings, I also spend some time doing other things as well.  Here are some samples of artwork I have done this year.

I wrote a charter out for an organization at Texas A&M.


A woman had a baptism gown in her family for over 100 years and each child in her family had worn it for their baptism.  I wrote out each baby’s name and birthday.  Here’s what the final piece looked like.


I wrote out a family history for a family.  I usually do genealogy charts but this family history had several missing links so this was the alternative we came up with.


This piece, “A Seeker of Refuge” was written out for a man who wanted to honor his friend with kind words at a retirement celebration in Tennessee.


Recent Samples of Wedding Envelopes October 22, 2008

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Most of what I spend my days doing involves addressing envelopes.  It doesn’t sound glamorous, but it is my favorite thing to do!  I would rather address envelopes than do most anything else (other than spend time with my husband or friends, I’m not that weird!).  So I thought I’d post some very recent samples of weddings I’ve done the in the not-so-distant past.





Disney Fairytale ABC Event

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I’m involved with a networking organization called the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC).  Periodically I’m a showcase vendor at meetings, meaning I make nametags, etc, to show Wedding Coordinators as well as other vendors in the area, my work!  I recently made the menus and name tags for a beautiful event at Disney.  Here are some pictures from the day.

A picture of me with Mickey and Minnie!


It was a wine-pairing educational event, so I embellished the name tags with grapes!


The menu at the beautiful table setting.


Recent Samples of Place cards, Escort cards and Table cards

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I’ve been very busy completing place cards and escort cards for brides these past few months.

I’ve also been able to make a lot of table cards as well, which are always fun.

Below are some samples of my work:





ABC Vendor Fair September 27, 2008

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I have been a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants since February 08. I’ve made

some friends as well as some good business connections.  A few months ago I participated in a

Vendor Fair with the Orange County ABC.  Here are a few pictures of my booth.



Work On Wood November 8, 2007

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Recently I’ve had the chance to explore working with pen and ink on wood surfaces.

Below are a couple of samples:


Menu for a wedding in Costa Rica